News release

September 23, 2014

Top 5 Canadian movie, Rock Paper Dice Enter, continues to play in theatres in Canada

Shreela & Kash, the new filmmaking duo, continue to spread their message of peace to audiences around the world �?that all it takes is one person to do something to make an impact, even if he has to commit a crime or wage a war in order for peace to prevail. In the age of information, one needs only truth as his weapon.

The screenings of Rock Paper Dice Enter is part of the celebrations occurring across the country beginning with Filmi in Toronto on September 27, at 1:30 pm EST at Carton Cinema and during Alberta Culture Days 2014 on Sept. 28 at 4pm, at Metro Cinema. The festival runs September 26 to 28 , the province’s largest celebration of our heritage, arts, community spirit and cultural diversity. To learn more, visit  

About Rock Paper Dice Enter

First –ever Edmonton made movie to be theatrically released

Produced and filmed on location in Edmonton

82 minutes

G rated

Director: Shreela Chakrabartty

Writer: Kash Gauni

Ranked top 5 Canadian film at the box office

Starring: Kash Gauni, Alyson Dicey, Richard Lee, Dave Wolkowski, Curtis Rind, Maire Muncaster, Ojas Joshi, Tom Edwards, Georgette Starko, Sharlene Millang-Borst, Danielle Pilon, Brett Miles, Rick Hardy, Gilbert Allan, Chris W. Cook

Media inquiries may be directed to:

Shreela Chakrabartty, director

780 716 1950

Kash Gauni, writer

647 989 2658

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